The Marshall Group: Monthly Property Market Update – March 2024

Local Property Market

The first quarter of 2024 saw the Upper North Shore of Sydney experiencing a significant uplift in property listings, with SQM Research reporting a 43% increase in March, compared to January of the same year. This surge, often associated with the bustling spring market, brings into focus the dynamic and ever-changing nature of our local real estate landscape. However, despite the overall rise, many prestigious suburbs within the Ku-ring-gai area, such as Killara, Pymble, and Turramurra, continue to experience a notable supply shortage, with listings in these suburbs remaining lower in March than in many preceding years.

This contrast underlines the distinctiveness of the Upper North Shore’s property market, where even in times of overall abundance, highly sought-after areas remain tightly held. This has fostered a cautiously optimistic atmosphere among both buyers and sellers.

This blend of vibrant market activity and the nuanced supply landscape underscores the market’s complexity. Stakeholders are navigating this environment with keen interest, aiming to leverage opportunities and address challenges with strategic insight. This scenario underscores a market full of potential for discerning buyers and sellers alike, eager to capitalise on the dynamic and nuanced opportunities presented by Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

Sydney Property Market

Sydney’s property market has once again demonstrated its resilience, with CoreLogic data revealing strong auction results across the month, maintaining a robust preliminary clearance rate of 76.3% despite the typical fluctuations in volume before and during the Easter period. Further underlining the market’s strength, the CoreLogic Home Value Index shows a consistent upward trajectory in property values, marking the 14th consecutive month of growth with a 0.3% increase. While this growth rate is a modest dip from February’s 0.5%, it unmistakably signals the market’s enduring robustness in the face of escalating interest rates, rising living costs, and ongoing affordability challenges. The sustained growth amidst an increase in property listings indicates a market where demand persistently exceeds supply, reinforcing the enduring vitality and resilience of Sydney’s property landscape.

Australian Property Market

Nationally, the property market mirrors Sydney’s resilience. The increase in investor activity, buoyed by tight rental conditions and stabilising interest rates, indicates a competitive market atmosphere. National property value growth in March according to CoreLogic was 0.6%, bringing the year-on-year growth to 8.8%.

Economy Update

The Australian economy demonstrates a notable steadiness, as recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows an increase in household spending as the year commenced. Despite this, the dual pressures of escalating living costs and interest rates are palpable, shaping both consumer spending habits and the broader lending environment. In response, the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) decision to maintain the cash rate at 4.35% is a strategic move aimed at balancing inflation control with the recognition of wider economic hurdles.

Key economic indicators, including a stable Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 3.4% and a steady unemployment could prolong the wait for a drop in the cash rate while low property supply and expected population growth, signal enduring prospects for both investors and property sellers. This foundation fosters a general optimism that possible reductions in interest rates in the future could significantly boost borrowing capabilities, revitalising the market with fresh vigour in spite of the prevailing high borrowing costs. This nuanced economic backdrop presents a landscape ripe with opportunities, albeit against a backdrop of financial vigilance and strategic planning.

Property Sale Stories

March heralded a remarkable period for The Marshall Group, culminating in the successful sale of 16 properties, collectively valued at over $32 million. Our unwavering dedication to securing outstanding results for our clients, combined with our strategic finesse in navigating property sales, firmly positions us as frontrunners within the local market. This success is a testament to our collaborative approach, robust network of long-standing clients and our ability to set significant records. Notably, our expertise in orchestrating off-market and pre-auction transactions has propelled our total sales to nearly $83 million in 2024 to date. Our achievements reflect not just our commitment to excellence but also the trust and confidence our clients place in us, reinforcing The Marshall Group’s esteemed reputation in the property landscape.

In Conclusion

As we navigate through a vibrant property market and a complex economic environment, The Marshall Group continues to stand as a beacon of expertise, care, and innovation. Our dedication to fostering community engagement, highlighted by our support for local events like The Bobbo, Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize, and the Lindfield Rotary Fun Run, reinforces our commitment to the community and our clients. Looking ahead, we remain your steadfast partner, ready to navigate the evolving market and secure the best possible outcomes for you.

Stay connected with The Marshall Group online and on social media for the latest in property insights, market trends, and community initiatives. Together, we will continue to thrive and make a lasting impact on our community and the property market.


Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to ensure The Marshall Group communications are accurate and complete, this content is for informational purposes only. For tailored property advice, speak with a member of The Marshall Group directly. For financial or legal advice, seek guidance from a qualified professional.

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